Sunday, November 9, 2008

Links For MDs & Those Pre-Med

Seminar Registration

For Registered Physicians Only (peeking behind the curtain!)

Medical School Admissions Information

Student Doctor

Chemistry Prep Tests Online

Organic Chemistry Prep

Match Statistics
The SERMO site was shown to me some months ago by a registered, and practicing, physician.

I'd love to know what has been updated on the site including new technologies (voice activated paging, and other handy tools of the trade that have come out in the past year); also interesting, would be the propensity for the site to allow med school students access.

Chemistry tests online gave me some decent reference test questions. In reviewing the questions, it helped to understand what types of questions are asked, what might I expect to see myself on paper exams, and additionally, what types of resources are out there for those times when the TA or professor is not readily handy.

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