Saturday, December 6, 2008

Medical Gadgets

Last spring I'd been hearing about the latest/greatest innovative medical technologies. Apparently, a website tracks some of the latest to be publicized.

The latest post shows screws that indicate when it's fully tightened so no over-tightening occurs. Hate to think of that happening on a hip replacement, or Harrington rods in the back! (Loose screws = pain?)

Currently, the technology is available only to the construction industry but ortho and neuro surgeons are remarking on the possibility in the operating room. I could also see dentistry picking this up - replacement teeth, bridge repair work, jaw structure alignment, gum disease repair?

Here's a link to the site:

Lest I forget, it's official. I'm registered at the U for my first few steps into the new direction of pre-med. Biology and Chemistry and Math, oh my!


kcd said...

hi doc2b,

nice to "meet" you, i got here thru dr smak's blog.

i wish you the best. i am 53 and totally want to be a doc, but cannot for many reasons - most financial. you mentioned "herringer" rods in the back. i think maybe you meant Harrington rods? i am a diagnostic medical sonographer and have not been seeing patients for maybe 3 years, but i'm an editor and was a a terminology fanatic. :o)

i wish you the very best. i, too, really need some success in my life.


A Doc 2 Be said...

Hi KCD! Welcome to my blog :)

Big shout out to you for correcting my medical terminology. Thank you!!

Best wishes to you ~