Monday, December 1, 2008

Placement Exams - 101

Spent the better part of today at the U talking to the admissions office for the college that houses the physiology department. At the physiology advisor's suggestion, I'm taking placement exams in both chemistry and math.

The last chemistry class I had was in 1983 and the last formalized math course was taken in 1982. Mind you, that's when typewriters - IBM Selectronics - were the "in", cool thing to have, gas was about $.35/gallon, and the only computers that existed were used by the DoD replete with punch cards. These exams should be interesting!

One thing I found amusing and almost comforting was the review of old course exams and answer sheets. Before taking the placement tests, it was suggested I study and do the old chem tests, figure out the ones I got wrong, or come in and ask for help.

So tonight, with a large smile on my face, I'm redoing old chem tests and so far, I think, by George, I've got it! Or at least, I'm getting close.

It'll be interesting to see how well I do and also, how my confidence level comes up just a tad; just enough to keep me saying, "This is soooo worth it."

And it is! One step at a time...

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