Monday, January 12, 2009

Placement Exam Scores

I dove in today and took my final placement exam. Figuring I'd be caught between needing to take remedial math at one of the local community colleges and then "graduate" to taking "real" math classes at the U, I tested just short of being put into calculus.

Somewhere between the Cotangent of 75 and Cosign of 30, I got lost. I'm not even sure what those mean, but apparently, I am going to find out.

The kind lady at the desk where my test was scored said I placed exactly where she thought I would... advanced pre-calc II. Once in awhile that little creeper of a voice pipes up and out, "Don't you think maybe since it's been say... 26 years since I've had any sort of formalized math training, I should start with one class lower?"

She was insistent. Knowing what my ulitmate goal is, she smiled and insisted some more, "What kind of doc are we going to turn you into, if you don't overcome this self-doubt?"

I pouted a bit. "It's an easy A tho. Kind of a confidence booster."

She laughed, "What kind of confidence boost is it when you take a class you know you can ace without trying? Why not take a class that will push you a bit, AND get the A?"

She's right, of course. Absolutely, precisely right. Then she gave me some other tidbits of guidance and wisdom having seen many pre-meds come through their door. I plan on keeping in touch with her for shortly after meeting with her, I went to the computer lab and registered...

For pre-calc II.

Sometimes it's listening to those around me who are being paid to help, not to make life harder. So I will, and I did, and I shall... get that A and move onto Calc in the summer.

As I left she said my feet should be floating. And she was right... they still are.


tracy said...

i just found your blog and want to say, you go girl! you rock!! i admire you sooo very much!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you for the support! It is people like you who keep me holding myself accountable in making this dream, MY dream, have life again.

Make it a great day!