Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week One

Was a wild one! Lecture halls filled with vibrant, "youthful", exuberance replete with over active vocal skills. One of the lectures contains a young student who is ... obnoxious. There is no other way to describe the individual.

Was telling my 17 year old son about the student asking really, really obnoxious questions and seemingly undeterred even when the professor would not respond anymore. My son exclaimed, "That's something I would do!" Exactly. My son is 17 and a junior in high school, this student is probably 19 or so and a sophomore in college, not a community college, not a private, well heeled college, a top-notch research institution.

I was not ready for that. Ready for the sharp minds that comprehend new data as easily as driving a car, ready for quick thinking students, but not ready for the obnoxiousness I thought I left behind in 1982 when I, myself, graduated from high school and went to college.

Which made me wonder. Was I like that? I don't think so. My parents instilled in me, commanded in me to some degree, to treat authority figures with respect - teachers, doctors, law enforcement, and anyone around my parents' age.

What has happened to parenting styles that kids think they can behave like that, treat others like that?

I know for me, if teachers were to tell me my son was a behavior problem in school, it would be dealt with immediately. Thankfully, most of his teachers think the world of a kind soul that helps, is respectful, and happy-go-lucky. Come to think of it, I think the world of him too.

Last little surprise came from someone more my age: the professor. Unprepared, ill-spoken, not approachable and I am certainly unsure why they are teaching at a classy institution like the U. The lecture had no focus, and no strategy to deliver the requisite material, ending simply because the clock hit the quitting time.

Wow. Good thing our businesses are not run like that... oh wait...

'Til next week, make it a great day!

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