Monday, May 4, 2009

1st Final In 23 Years

Looming on my horizon is the first final I will have taken in 23 years. The flight or fight mechanism all prey animals are born with seems to lurk heavily at times underneath my own epithelial tissue.

And yet, I know the material fairly well. It's not like 23 years ago when I heard the word final coupled with "tomorrow morning" that fear struck and I wondered not only what material but worse, which class! Strike that, 23 years ago I was probably not worried about the final in the morning correlation at all. Which is why I'm galloping down this path now.

Interesting note how maturity connects in people's brains at different times and for different reasons.

My hope is this time, the "need" to succeed and the "need" to do whatever it takes to get to medical school have an intersecting point in 12 days. Then I can relax for four weeks, read something "fun" (Exam Krackers, I suppose), and start all over again.

Still loving the path and cannot fathom doing anything else but helping patients.

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