Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fork In The Road

Every decision, every twist, every turn in a decision always contains forks, prompts, considerations, and alternatives. Mine are facing me straight in the face.

I want to poke it back!

The first semester of my trip back to school was interesting on many accounts. I've never studied so much in my life to be so incredibly disappointed in my performance. There were times other students would ask me how to do problem sets, or how to get through a lab, and I would be able to easily help them.

Teaching assistants would often tell me they were thankful that I was around to help ease their stress when they were either overwhelmed with the amount of students requiring help (right before exams) or nervous about presenting in front of large classrooms.

Those are areas I will cherish from my first semester back.

During the week after finals I visited a med school and talked with the director of admissions. Interesting to note how my cancer path may have been slightly tweaked.

Before I can move down that decision path, I must first choose whether or not and how, to proceed. There is no doubt I want to be a doc. There is no doubt I would be an excellent physician (at least in my mind!).

In the back of my mind there is a teeny little voice asking, "What say you?" related to continuing the path.

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