Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eeep! Bleep! And Physics, Oh My!

Organic, it is said, wears thick upon the pre-med heart and is known as a med school killer. Serial killer, stalking it's victims one carbon, one reaction, or one mechanism at a time. Ginkgo biloba notwithstanding, organic chemistry kills.

I embraced organic when I was in high school. My chemistry teacher taught us to make esters, polypeptides, and more. There were four mechanisms he required us to know ... I think I did then, not so much anymore.

My fear, beyond animals wearing scales sporting a forked tongue, is physics. I bought the book today, a full 2.5 months early, just to have some light reading, get my mind wrapped around a subject matter that has generally made my eyes retreat to the other side of my brain, neurons silently saying "Goodnight".

Here's to physics! It will not master me, I will master it...

Or die trying!


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A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you!!

I appreciate the kind offer and will take you up on it.

Kind regards.