Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little Midsummer's Night Reading

Some books I'm reading in prep for my upcoming physics class, more for broader understanding and application, than for math comprehension. All of the books apply physics or explain physics principles without use of math equations. I like the books - easy to read, helpful, and make physics, much less scary!

"50 Physics Ideas You Really Need To Know" - Joanne Baker

"Thinking Physics" - Lewis Carroll Einstein

"The Illustrated Brief History of Time" - Stephen Hawking

"Physics Made Simple" - Christopher G. De Pree, Ph.D.


Ella said...

A good heads up for physics... many physics exams have a class average of 50-60%... which can still end up being an A or a B. Don't freak out if you don't do perfect. You'll make it! I failed (technically) many physics exam at my university... but still got A's/B's as the overall grade and made it to med school!

Non Traditional Pred Med Guy said...

Hmm interesting books. Might have to pass by borders to check it out.