Sunday, September 6, 2009

1st Physics Experiment

Some years ago I was driving in a car with my then boyfriend. Tall, charming, good looking, dashing, even hot some might say, and a tad over the top if you get my hint :)

Anyway, because of his outward know-it-all attitude toward any and all subjects, I quickly argued with him on a physics discussion we had. It was heated. I KNEW I was right and he was wrong, dang it anyway. This one time, I HAD to be right...

I was wrong. It sucks. I found out last night while trying it myself. What was it?

In a small SUV driving 60 mph down I-94 a person tosses up a coin, how fast is the coin traveling forward (NOT up and down)?

In my ignorance, I said zero because the moment it would leave my hand, it would stop moving forward (momentum be damned). Of course, if that were true, the coin would flip through the back window of a truck and make quite the hole as the truck's window kept moving forward.

So, I learned last night, "he" really did know-it-all (or not) and I learned my first lesson in physics.

I think I'm really going to love this class as it turns everything I've ever thought about motion, distance, travel, space, etc on its head.

Here's to starting school in two days!

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