Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chatty "Cathy" In Lab

Someone who actually talks as much as I do, if not more. :D

Love it - and SHE is smart as a whip, funny, kind...

Nice to find other women are not afraid of the sciences and getting great grades.

Oh yea, there was a 3rd person in our group who was so meek and mild, I think she fainted when asked to go write our equation on the board.


Carl Raymond said...

Just finished reading your entire blog up to today. I enjoyed a lot of it. Wish you were willing to be a little more transparent as I think it would help others like myself (also a pre-med 33 y.o. non traditional student) relate. It's encouraging - but I can't help but think that I'm not seeing the big picture as I would like. Obviously it's your blog, not mine, thanks for the contributions.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you for reading it and for the feedback.

What types of things would you want me to write about?

Carl Raymond said...

The questions that I have may not be the questions that others have - or maybe they do. Blogging allows people to disclose more than they would in real life. That's the rub. On one hand, it's what makes for a good read. It can be informative, insightful, and helpful. It can also be too much info. Balance is in the writers eye. You mention certain "challenges" but won't elaborate... I'm sure you have your reasons, but as a non-trad pre-med, life is nothing but challenges - it would be great to understand what exactly was overcome- it would serve as encouragement. (think of the woman on biggest loser who lost her husband, 3y.o. and 2 & 1/2 week old to a car accident just two years before, yet is putting her life together - that's encouraging!)
Just my .02 - thanks.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you, Carl! You are right, there are some details I'm leaving out as they are far too personal for me to disclose right now, and some possibly ever.

People can use their imaginations thinking of what a former vice president would have to give up, change, etc in the lifestyle of that type of life and probably get fairly close to what my life is like now.

I'm not talking about material possessions as giving those up has been fairly easy since the things never meant that much to me in the first place but rather were a "requirement" of the position I held at that time. Sad that in the business world perception is everything... which could launch me into a diatribe, but I won't go there.

For instance, I had a 2007 Escalade ESV fully loaded, paid almost $79,000 for it brand new. It was junk. It died on the road when I drove it, it had electrical problems from day one when I drove it off the show room floor. The cd player stopped, the running boards would extend or extract, the hood alarm went off randomly.

One night driving home in the dark shortly after my then boyfriend and I parted ways, it died on the interstate going around a bend on the off ramp. I had no one to call for help - it didn't feel right trying to call him despite it being late at night, and me being alone.

GM declared it a lemon. GM's lawyers stated that it was a lemon. GM stated they'd replace it with a new 2009 Escalade. GM stated they'd pay off the 2007 Escalade. GM filed bankruptcy. GM didn't do any of those things and I no longer own the Escalade.

That was a challenging ordeal and it was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg :)