Monday, October 26, 2009

CourtMeister Extraordinaire

Part of being an older, non-traditional pre-med is the somewhat continual "what am I thinking" and "how will my undergrad/younger peers accept me" quandary. Last semester, on my first day of school in 20 years, I was standing next to a young, cute, bubbly, tanned, toned, and funny blond. My first thought was "Oh God, she's not gonna care about our lab scores."

It is embarrassing. Stereotypes I was afraid of and yet, there I was stereotyping people myself.

Court, this is a shout out to the best lab partner ever!

I miss her camaraderie as we worked with our difficult and... something else, TA. I miss her ability to question why we were doing something and then pushing me to explain it to her ensuring we got the details right and our lab scores would subsequently, reflect that. I miss her ability to say, "J, you can do this. You're smart, don't forget that." I miss her ability to flick numbers out on her calculator. Truly, if they had Olympiads for calculator button pushing, she'd win that too, hands down. I miss her creativity on the dreaded poster project.

Last semester we did a research paper/poster on penicillin (she even let me pick). I put together the research paper, she was the very creative brains behind our project. She, le gasp, wanted to add glitter to our poster. She had some other really creative ideas to make everything stand out and included my want of building the penicillin molecule out of styrofoam balls, paint, and toothpicks with a protractor to get bond angles set properly.

We won. Creativity, research, overall. I could not have done it alone... and yet, this semester, I am. I miss Court.

My lab partners this semester are very nice, very polite and at times, they allow me to be just a student and laugh with them (or tell stories of my drunken youth). However, they are not as cautious, or careful in lab, or detailed. I'm often left trying to clean up after them (as a mom should, I suppose), trying to get them to measure properly and accurately, and making sure we are done on time. I end up doing most of the computer work as Excel is 2nd nature to me. I end up doing most of the calculations as ... well, I'm just anal.

Court is, by far, one of the most conscientious and hard working students I have met. It explains her high GPA... and for privacy reasons, I won't say what it is but I know.

So, here's another shout out to the lab partner I wish I could carry with me all the way through med school and just in case you read this:

Court, you can still be surgeon! You can still major in chem, join me in med school.

How 'bout it?! :D

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