Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flu Symptom Onset

Over the past several days whilst I've been home drinking lots of fluids, keeping Coke and Johnson & Johnson in business, I started thinking about how fast this bug infects. It is rather interesting (at least to me).

Last Friday a tiny little bugger, about knee high, wanted to hand me his hat... while the physician I shadowed talked to the mom, and not wanting the youngster to get loud and boisterous, I did what all moms (and good dads) do: kneeled down, helped him with his jacket, took his hat, gave it to him and then it happened. He sneezed all over me. Little shaver apologized and smiled with those big, sparkly blues... and full baby teeth mouth.

Make no mistake: I'm fastidious with keeping my hands clean, when I sneeze I cover my nose and mouth with either hand or elbow, and then wash my hands again. This little shaver though, gave me no opportunity to get away... cute little guy that he was.

It was less than 72 hours from that, to ... this. Which makes me wonder.

Is this virus that I have really H1N1? or is it something else like a cold? And if it really is H1N1 would vaccination after inception have stopped the onset? or made it worse? Also, is it possible that this is all coincidence, that I'd actually picked up the virus from the U, and it just happened that I got sick 3 days after shadowing?

Why should I care? Curiosity. There are things in life that make me wonder why, what could be done differently, would that change the outcome. In this particular case, I'd rather have given up my "friend" that's been with me for 6 days now. I could do without the scratchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat, inability to sleep (from throat pain)... however, I do not mind the lack of appetite!

Always a bright side! Make it a great day :)

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