Thursday, October 29, 2009

LOL, I Want MY Badge O'Courage (update)

This flu thing... yeah, not such great fun. I think even know which youngster gave it to me. It was very kind of him to want to play with me while the mom talked to the physician I traipse around after and then sneeze all over me. (unschlucking tongue from inside of my cheek) Poor little guy didn't know any better but I DID!

Hope none of you are getting this.

Ad2b is headed back to bed. Cheers!

Tweensy update:

After reading a bunch of articles on deaths of children and seemingly healthy adults who get the flu, I can understand the slight fear. No one wants to watch their child suffer, or worse, have them pass away, and no one understands why seemingly healthy populations pass.

It is not that they are unhealthy and the flu kills them, it is the secondary infections (generally, staph) that do. Staph always exists in the skin and in the human body. It is supposed to. The bacteria does good things when in check... but the flu, whacks the balance and the kooky staph goes nuts (you're welcome Chicka!).

Anyway, of all the deaths reviewed by me over the past 3 weeks (and honestly, that's not many, I'm not into necrology), all of the patients died due to complications from some other issue; asthma, obesity, heart disease, HIV, kidney disease, and other immuno-suppressant diseases.

So, for the most part, health adults who get this will be miserable. Sorry. It's not like the cold. As I told a friend of mine, it feels like a fire truck on a 3-alarm fire in my throat with a drunken construction worker operating a jackhammer on my head. And no, I didn't go to school today.

The things to watch for:

getting better and then suddenly changing direction and getting much worse (good to know as tonight the only real thing I feel is a sort throat, weird voice, runny nose, and sneezing)

difficulty breathing - gasping for air, unable to breathe (that is probably worthy of a 911 call)

I will watch for things as I'm hoping today was the worst.

As an aside, the day gave me time to prep for upcoming mid-term... now if I could learn to use the damn calculators that we're mandated to use, I'd be set. You know, if we're smart enough to program the dumb things, and get the right answer, don't you think we probably know the formulas and how to use as well? It would just save time.

At least that was the mantra in my master's program.

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