Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not Motivated...

'nuff said.


and then, a long lost friend writes letting me know of her support.

Back to colloids, solutions, vp, bp, fp, and concentrations...


I lied... I cannot focus. I'm so all over the map, I'm frustrated. I sit down to work through osmotic pressure, freezing point depression, etc problems and start thinking about the dishes in the sink, whether or not I dried my clothing or if its still in the washing machine, I checked on the two foster dogs out in my "other building" (it looks like a guest house but really, its just a 1-1/2 story... dog house), I watered the dogs and the plants inside the main house, came here, read some blogs, reviewed some old posts of mine on another website, and I ...

am frustrated. I have an exam in 3 days that I'm not quite fully prepared for and I cannot, for the life of me, focus.


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Doctor D said...

Take courage. 3 days is a long time. Most of that stuff you don't need to know perfectly to be a doctor.

Enjoy your life. Let medicine enhance your life not destroy it.