Friday, October 23, 2009

Shadowing Again - Motivation Again

Got to see some cool things today and lot and lot and lots and lot ... of H1N1.

Emergency room visit - check!
H1N1 - check x 10!
Well baby - check x 2!
Some other really cool stuff I can't say anything about because of that privacy thing and I have not quite learned how to effectively smear the details to protect anyone (nor do I think I should trying at this point) however, one was kind of gross and I felt bad for the patient, another patient was told there might be a mass that's "not so great but we'll check it out" and another one...

Remember my lunch divorce? It was a quickie?

Well, the patient was back today. Physician introduced me (I remembered the face not the specifics), patient says, "Oh yeah, remember her! She got sick!! It was hilarious!"

I about died (again). Mentioned it was not due to them but lunch... some doctor I will be.

Anyway, it was a great day. I'm really tired and I think this week has sucked some life out of me but I can't imagine doing anything but rural family care. Just amazes me at everything... we even discuss the business side which... needs to be worked on.

A slight digression:

I'm a known animal lover - dogs, horses, sheep, cows, pigs... meh, that probably covers it. Driving home tonight it was snowing rather badly and the back roads I travel in Wisconsin were wet, snow laden, packed, and covered. After coming up the steep hill and leveling off, I saw what looked to be a large cat running down the center of the highway. As I got closer, it was no cat.

It was a dog, what looked to be a young dog.

Throwing my little truck in park, tossing on the hazard flashers, I called for the little pup to come to me. He bounded... jumped in my arms (I'm in a suit, by the way)... and I put him in the truck. Drying him off, I noticed a few "odd" things about him and I hope I am very, very wrong.

He had wounds on his ears that look like puncture marks. He has healed wounds on his legs that look like old puncture marks as well.

I dried him off, wrapped one of my U sweatshirts around him as his short fur, and no body fat somewhat worried me for his safety and health. Driving up to the next house, I asked the man if the pup belonged to him.

He sort of said no, then looked down, then looked around. Asked if I wanted him to take it and find the owners, I said well, it'd be nice to know he got home. Guy then stupidly told me the dog had been running after cars in the snow all afternoon and he had no idea how long it'd been out and that probably "it'd been dumped at bottom of gorge"... yep, that was one of my fears.

The other one?

I fear he was bait for pitbull fighting. He is a pit, or pit/am staff cross or something. He is little. Maybe 30 pounds.

Was I nervous with him? No. He ran to me like a puppy, and I do believe him to be young. Once he realized he was not going back out in the snow, he snuggled into my sweatshirt and slept the remainder of the way. He is underweight in my opinion. Feeding him twice what I would have normally, he chowed it down, drank 1/2 a large bowl of water and is currently, sleeping at my feet.

So... I've contacted a pit rescue. He can't stay here. I hate to say I'm afraid of him, but I am all because of his breed type. After looking at a bone, growling at my dane who was getting near it (I removed the bone), he sat down, cocked his head, and laid down. Overnight, he snored at the base of my stairs on a blanket I gave him.

My irk is that if he is a fighting dog or was bait for one, those idiots will need medical care. I'm not sure, as a physician, that I could treat someone who is filth like that... baiting, fighting, and abusing dogs boils my blood. I suppose, mostly, I'd never know.

But what if I did?

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