Monday, October 26, 2009

Swine Flu

Straight out of Scotland... "Blame the bloody tourists"... haha. Trust me, this is cute and the satire, innuendo, and commentary bloody spot on.

We studied H1N1 in biochem and learned concepts that are not being addressed by the media.

Each year flu vaccines are created based upon those flu types being found in the southern hemisphere 6 months to 1 year earlier. In that flu vaccine this year, there was a component for H1N1 HOWEVER it was not for "swine flu" variety. The second vaccine that came out this year, the one that is in short supply, is created specifically for swine flu, or a different strain of the exact H1N1 virus.

What's the difference?

Think of H1N1 like a 2-story colonial house. Then picture 10 of them on the same street, each one with a different roof line and material type. To fix each one of those roofs would take a different type of material and/or plans. With each one of the roofs equating to H1N1, and the materials to fix roofs equating to antibodies, it can be seen then, that not one type of antibody will fix all types of H1N1 (or roofs).

On Friday, whilst shadowing the physician I think I saw 20 cases of H1N1. Common threaded advice?

Stay home. Wash your hands. Keep hydrated. Don't go back to work/school until 24 hours AFTER the last temperature.

If the Scottish video didn't crack a smile, maybe this will (kudos to Billy Joel for making the base song in the 80's).

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