Sunday, October 25, 2009

Update On The Pit Mix (edited) & He Is Named

Brad. If I have to explain, then I'm sorry for you :P

He is very sweet to me... I don't regret picking him up off the road in the middle of a snowstorm in the middle of the highway. I would not want any animal to get hit by a vehicle and lay in ditch suffering, and I'm guessing this little guy could've easily ended up that way.

He listens very well. Understands "no" but I do not think that will be enough for him to overcome his extreme interest in my golden retriever. He figured out today that if his tiny little package of muscle pulls just hard enough on the steel lead, he can drag it through the door... and possibly into where I keep my golden and my dane.

Through friends of mine who are ardent animal rescue/foster/transport people, the little pup has been sent out to several rescues that specialize in pit rescue and am praying that one picks him up. Everything I've read on this breed, good and bad, says that generally they are very good with humans, and in fact, have a higher temperament test rating than a dane... but then statistics can state anything and with all the backyard breeders out there with their "full AKC" registered danes, those danes are not worthy of the species.

Danes in the paper were bred for money, not for temperament, conformation, and health... ala, those $350 danes you buy in the paper will probably cost a person $2000 in vetting costs due to wobblers, hip dysplasia, and worse, or break your heart when you realize you don't want/can't/won't spend the money to vet the dane and it has to be euthanized, and/or both. Hence, if those are the danes getting tested for temperament by the testing group, they are generally NOT breed type, just backyard bred trash dogs.

Anyway, I am having a little trouble trusting this little guy with my own furkids... to be honest, it makes me a little nervous. I hate to perpetuate the "myth" of this breed but it's not me I'm fearful for, its my own dogs.

And here's my edited comment: ANY dog can be trained to be nasty. ANY. Goldens, labs, newfs, st bernards, you name it. There is no perfect dog out there and honestly, it always in my mind, comes back to the owners who had the dog first. Did they care for it? Abuse it? Starve it? In this case, this little man of a dog has shown NO aggression to me... it is simply what I too, have read and heard in the media.

For the people who own these type dogs and love them, kudos! I bet you didn't leash your pet to an outside concrete slab in the middle of winter with a 12' steel lead on him and a heated blanket for warmth. I bet your pet was loved and conditioned to be a solid citizen... and one only need read the many, many success stories of this breed. However, I think many are not so lucky and end up being dumped, disposed of, abused, tortured, and eventually, killed.

And yes, I would treat anyone who came into a clinic for an emergency, I would never refuse care. However, I probably would think twice about being the ongoing family practice physician for that individual... People who abuse animals (and humans) suck.

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