Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And There In The Bowels

of a old, outdated building, in a tiny office tucked way in the corner sat my adviser. She sat, listened, didn't say a word. As I continued, she continued to just listen: never judging me, never disparaging me or asking what I could have done differently, just listened.

Then she inquired about my safety. THAT she was concerned about. Yes, she was concerned about my academics but Maslow's pyramid starts at safety and that was first and foremost in her mind.

Safety from what you ask?

A stalker.

(I edited this portion out from an earlier version of this post and placed into the comment section.)

This is not about him, for that is a waste of space. This is for my adviser who in the shallow, darkened end of an old building, in the back corner of an not-so-well lit room, gave me support and then some to continue the path. She put a light on the "prize" again for me. She helped me see objectively what my options were and what the resolutions to those would do to me related to med school.

None of them hopeless or bad.

She restored some light. And to her, as to many of you, I am thankful.

And as it turns out, I'm staying in biochem (YEAY!) and yes, I'm safe.


A Doc 2 Be said...

I decided to put the information about what the stalker did/does/do into a comment so the blog post itself does not become mired in the filth that is this man.

Below is what I cut out:

After cajoling, pushing, texting, emailing, calling, texting, emailing, cajoling and finally using his position of authority over me, he got information that I did not think he'd use. However, in his warped sense of entitlement, and stalkerishness, he contacted my ex boyfriend (yes, the physician) and then stalked that man's children to get to their best friends, getting one of them to go to lunch with him because she just happened to be one of his former students. If that was not unthinkable enough, he then did the unthinkable to me... and continues to. The school I attend saw to it he was fired which put in me greater danger because it put his cross hairs of egotistical scary narcissism squarely on me. I thank God I have the affinity for large, beautiful, strong willed dogs who will protect me if needed.

Mr. C said...

Are you taking chem & biochem simultaneously? You ARE a nerd:). Welcome to the club!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Given you are behind me in pre-reqs, I should welcome YOU to the club! :P

I have only science to take.

My first degree gave me all the writing, humanities, communications, psychology, sociology, economics, finance, touchy-feelie subjects I could handle.

Don't miss them a bit!!