Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick Funny On Age

Received this in my email today:

"How Old Are You, xxx?" as the subject line. I choked and laughed. Timely, I might add given another forum's propensity to bring out the worst in ageism and pre-meds.

The entire email is here:

Monday morning (xxx),
Two months ago we told you all about interview questions you should avoid answering in "Don't Answer That Interview Question." That piece sparked a flood of comments from you, Readers, and based on the volume of your emails, the (illegal) question that gets asked most is the age question.

Despite all of our attempts to be a "PC" society, the sad truth is that ageism still exists in force. Enlightened employers know that older workers bring wisdom, maturity, and experience to the table, but too often, it seems, that doesn't translate into a level playing field in the interview.

And in some ways, this is the most difficult issue we here at TheLadders face in advising you.

We're all getting older – hey, even Jim Morrison would be 65 now – and the younger folks coming into the workforce and doing the resume screening seem to place a higher value on youth than years of contribution.

So we had writer Patty Orsini look at how to handle – and how to dodge – the age question in our most recent Advice package.

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