Saturday, November 7, 2009


She sings, she laughs, she growls but mostly, she sings. And, I for one, hope she never stops.

When life sucks eggs and dispenses with the subsequent gas, generally Wy's cds get ramped up until my speakers bleed, pots get pounded with spatulas until they are dented, and I am exhausted.

They've been played a lot lately. I'm surprised some of them made it through the past few weeks; actually, one of my speakers didn't.

Wy has always been the only female singer I've ever really bought into. She's a no-holds bared singer with a soul that runs deep, wild, and mysterious. She wears her heart on her sleeve for all the world to see and sing. Her Harley blood probably runs just as honestly in her veins as it does on the road when she drives, her wild red hair flying in the wind.

Wy mentioned something about faith tonight when I met her, I said what God brings you to, He will help you through. She looked at me and said, "Amen." She was gracious, amazing, warm, funny, engaging... I was already an adoring fan of hers and tonight, she became irreplaceable.

Thank you, JB... I will -

Sing from somewhere way down deep
Sing and make the angels weep
Sing and open heaven’s door
Sing ‘til you can’t sing no more

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