Monday, December 14, 2009

Munchausen by proxy syndrome

Odd topic of the day... I know.

One of my great passions in life is animal rescue - specifically, great danes. Due to another forum, I have come to believe MBPS can also occur with animals, not just human children. The same sick, twisted way of treating and abusing children just gets turned onto the poor pups.

This poser got a pup in 2007. A few weeks into owning it, the pup wobbled. Five months later, it was dead.

Six months after that in 2008, the poser got another great dane pup, flamed away at neutering or not, then while on the operating table 5 months later, the vet found necrotic tissue, and subsequent to that, the dog died.

Three months after that, in 2009 the poser got yet another great dane pup, flamed away at some or other disease, and now sadly, the poor dog after having so much surgery, is not doing well. What do you want to bet it dies too!?

Three great dane pups, in three years... oh, and all with behavior issues yet her boyfriend's apparent "stud" dog has none.

I think, it is something else entirely. The profile fits her to a "T"...

(copied from this website:

Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) is a relatively uncommon condition that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caretaker. One of the most harmful forms of child abuse, MBPS was named after Baron von Munchausen, an 18th-century German dignitary known for telling outlandish stories.

About MBPS

In MBPS, an individual — usually a mother — deliberately makes another person (most often his or her own preschool child) sick or convinces others that the person is sick. The parent or caregiver misleads others into thinking that the child has medical problems by lying and reporting fictitious episodes. He or she may exaggerate, fabricate, or induce symptoms. As a result, doctors usually order tests, try different types of medications, and may even hospitalize the child or perform surgery to determine the cause.

Typically, the perpetrator feels satisfied by gaining the attention and sympathy of doctors, nurses, and others who come into contact with him or her and the child. Some experts believe that it isn't just the attention that's gained from the "illness" of the child that drives this behavior, but also the satisfaction in being able to deceive individuals that they consider to be more important and powerful than themselves.

Because the parent or caregiver appears to be so caring and attentive, often no one suspects any wrongdoing. A perplexing aspect of the syndrome is the ability of the parent or caregiver to fool and manipulate doctors. Frequently, the perpetrator is familiar with the medical profession and is very good at fooling the doctors. Even the most experienced doctors can miss the meaning of the inconsistencies in the child's symptoms. It's not unusual for medical personnel to overlook the possibility of MBPS because it goes against the belief that a parent or caregiver would never deliberately hurt his or her child.

Children who are subject to MBPS are typically preschool age, although there have been reported cases in kids up to 16 years old, and there are equal numbers of boys and girls. About 98% of the perpetrators are female.


ForeverRhonda said...

This is a scary disease...

Lisa said...

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Anonymous said...

We need for people to know and learn as much about MBP as possible. I am a grandparent who has been dealing with a MBP mother
to my Grandchild. We have been in and out of court for the 7 years of his life. She is always the instagator, looking for the attention and Monetary gain. Our court system would not even let us in front of the Judge, Even with Louisa B. Lasher as our key witness. Our legal system participants. like lawyers and Judges need to learn about this form of child abuse.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I'm so sorry, Anon. The condition is insidious whether manifested itself toward humans, or animals; I've seen a case of each.

My best to you as you continue to look out for your grandchild. How horrible that must be.