Friday, January 1, 2010


Where to start...

The Sound of Music is a good place, right at the beginning: Doe a deer a female deer, Ray a drop...

Yep, sat down and watched my very favorite movie of all time. You know what's so very cool about this movie:

The sensual nature of the Capt and Maria without needing overt sex in the scene. She's never nude, never undressed, can't imagine a curse word crossing her lips and MAN... those scenes smoke! She LOVES those kids.

Yep, to this day, Christopher Plummer still has "it" - just looked up his IMDB page and yep, he's still hot; even for 80.

So, I started with the movie, played with the dogs (4 of my own, 1 foster), made Ghiradelli brownies for my vanilla bean ice cream (girl's gotta splurge once in awhile).

I think this year is gonna be alright :)

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