Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day Two - Homelessness

What's a lady to do... two years of talking to a nameless Wells Fargo rep who's sole job it was to separate me from my money and my home as quickly and efficiently as possible and I'm finally foreclosed... and trying to move on with my life and become a doc.

One of the conversations with Wells Fargo went like this:

Rep: "If you send me $8000, I will get the loan modification started to see if you QUALIFY for a loan modification. If you do not, then we will refund the $8000 so you can use it to move."

Foreclosure rep sitting with me, shaking his head no, "Do not send them anything until they have a loan modification package set for you otherwise, they will take the $8000 and apply it to your outstanding balance, keep your $8000, and still foreclose on you. You will lose that $8000 and whatever equity you have in the house."

Me, in utter silence gulping.

Or when Wells Fargo said the bank would modify my loan and it went UP by $800. Some mod!

I'm not alone. Many people who faithfully paid their mortgages and kept their jobs are out on the street as well. The Obama plan is a fancy face on the same Bush plan that failed as well. In Obama's case, I give him credit for finally exposing the sham that these behemoth banks have extolled on the mortgagee.

Wells sent me a letter in November - out of foreclosure, new payment is due January 1, 2010. YEAY!

Wells never sent coupon because Wells Fargo had already foreclosed on the house in September. BOO!

How does one arm of the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage group NOT know what the other foreclosure department is doing!? I find that baffling. One would think there would be protocols and procedures in place to NOT send a new payment letter without first checking foreclosure.

So, back to first sentence, what do I do?! Be me. Smile. Take the dog for a ride. Crank up Kenny Chesney (today - livin' fast forward). Laugh a little. Sigh a little. Cry a little... and pack.

My boss asked me on Friday what I was going to do about school this spring. "Are you going to quit the med school path?"

I can't imagine giving up... or I will be 75 and regretting that a stupid house and dumb bank forced me to give a up dream.

The American forefathers probably faced greater obstacles: bullets, arrows, cold, angry and bustling seas, differing opinions on how to mold this great country of ours. Some of them probably were poor, some of them probably gave up everything for a different life and a dream.

And then made sure to chase the dream, and not give up.

Right now, the house foreclosing is not my issue. I mean it IS an issue but the real issue is paying for everything.

My MBA was financed through loans. I am not eligible for more loans until med school. The money for premed was coming from equity in my home when it sold. I figured, even in this economy, I had about $150,000 less Realtor fees and costs. Obviously, that's gone now.

The elderly parents who have supported EVERYTHING I have done and want to do, sold their home last year as they watched their retirement funds get depleted by the economy.

Private loans are out of the question because of the shot credit with the foreclosure on it.

So, today I pack. I pray that the window for school opens up, or just the window telling me the path I should take.

There is NO doubt in my mind that someday I will look back on this and understand. Today, I am not there. I don't understand how white-collar criminals with slick tongues can do what they have done to me, and to others, Today, I don't understand a lot of things.

An ex boyfriend of mine once told me (he is the evil I have spoken of in prior posts):

You don't have to understand, you just have to accept.

That one time, he was right. And I will. And I will figure something out (I hope).

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