Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Decade In Review - Continuing The Madness

I convinced a bunch of companies to spend a lot of money flying me to warmer locations than where I reside so that I could tell them what their own internal people told them for a lot more money:

You, Company X-Y-Z, need to change things.

Then had them fly me back home to my colder climate making a lot of money.

In the end of the decade I decided that getting a final separation agreement from my luggage was far more understandable and worthy, so I quit having companies spend millions of dollars to hear what they'd already heard from said internal people, and started the path to med school.

That's it. Make it a great day!


Ella said...

Nice try :)

Ella said...

Hey, do you take Concerta every day? I just started after being on Vyvanse and I love it. Vyvanse made me sick as a dog, but worked great. Concerta makes me feel 100% like myself... but I skip a lot of days that I don't need it. Do you skip days? What is your experience with it?

A Doc 2 Be said...

I am very careful with Concerta. I only take it during weeks where I need to study for exams, take many breaks with it, and always give myself weekends off unless major exam that coming week.

Nice try on what?!

Slamdunk said...

Bonus points for you and your persuasive powers for getting trips to warm places. I need to look at more pictures of nations along the equator or something.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I'm not sure it was my persuasive powers or the partners of the firm I worked for telling my clients I was pretty decent at what I did.

Then, I just schmoozed the clients, and they wanted me back. My teams did all the work, not me. My teams were the ones who dug in, completed mind-numbing audit worksheets and completed the testing.

I was privileged to have some pretty amazing talent working for me during those years. I hired who I thought was the best and brightest, smarter than me, and somehow it all worked out okay.

My clients were well taken care of, my checking account always had money, and I LOVED traveling.

Been two years since I was in a plane and I used to be on-call by a very, very, very large airline to do first class configuration testing (meaning, I'd get called to an off site, sit in their configured cabins and say what I did or did not like about it). I flew for a couple of years, accumulating over 150,000 FLIGHT miles each year (that's about 350,000 - 400,000 frequent flier miles).

It was quite the life... one, I'm only too happy to leave behind.

Ella said...

The nice try thing was bc your post wasn't really a review. More like a itsy bitsy teaser.

Good to know about the Concerta. I've heard I'm not supposed to skip... but I really prefer to use it prn.