Sunday, January 10, 2010

Renting 101

Been 16 years since I've needed to rent. Not a lot has changed from the perspective of the lessor; in my case, just the lessee.

First house was a disaster. Purple wall paper, purple flowery curtains and dirty.

Second, house was perfect. I hope the owners will overlook my now-crap credit and let me rent there until I am done with med school (yes, I said that, I know). The house is perfect for me and the canines that live with me. BIG back yard fully fenced with 6' privacy fencing, double garage with door opener (you can tell where my priorities are), BIG basement with walkout for the family area complete with a bathroom AND laundry AND space for the dogs (yes, you can really tell where my focus is).

They have an application process that goes through a 3rd party vendor. I hope that despite my now-crap credit (nothing like going from 750 to 300 in less than 18 months), they will let me rent the house.

OH and it is almost the same price as house #1.

Hoping it's the window I need right now... then I can get back to school and on with my life, allowing this mess with this house be a blip on my road map.

Cross your fingers for me, hoist a small prayer... and of course,

Make it a great day!


ForeverRhonda said...

You have been tagged on my post for the Honest Scrap Award!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thanks! (I think :P)