Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Found The Remote

Life is good. Box underneath my bed labeled, "Princess Diana books" contained:

power supply cord for above
remotes for TV and DVD player
pictures from my freshman year of college (oh... I'd love to forget about them)
pictures of my nieces when they were 5 and 7
pictures of a sailboat I used to tool around Lake Superior on
Princess Diana memorabilia

Also found underneath my bed:

my backpack, developing fuzz balls, calling my name, asking what the heck?!

Back to planning my path to med school. Every day back in the business world and I remember why I just don't fit in.

Oh well. Make it a great day for those who can't!


1 comment:

Slamdunk said...

Even with new carpets here, the fuzz balls are found. Hang in there.