Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Found Yet Another Reason

To like the new chemistry class; people MY age! Not that the youth are not fun, polite, considerate, and helpful but meeting people MY age going to class, obtaining further education is very, very helpful.

This woman turns out to be getting her master's in math (eeeeeee gad!) and is a former pilot for one of the world's largest airlines. She is wonderful even taking time to help me with my calculator problem (yes, I still am struggling NOT with the actual math but with the inputting of numbers into the tiny, hot pink calculator TI-85T my son gave me.)

So today, a bright, sunny Weds, I am thrilled yet again, to be in school, meeting new people, learning about new lives, and becoming engaged in conversations with other non-trads pursuing their own dreams.

Make it a great day!

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jaime said...

hi! I found your blog through oldmdgirl, and love it! I am going back to school after getting an MS and I'm 29 and taking undergrad classes, trying to apply to nursing school so I can be an oncology nurse practitioner. (Although I'd love to be a peds onc, but am terrified of all the debt!)
you are so inspiring! keep it up!