Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moved, Unsettled - School Starts

The move went. Things I've found out in the process:

Don't buy furniture unless at some point you are willing to leave it behind, put it on Craigslist, or burn it in effigy to a former home. Two pieces I knew would not fit and was going to store. However, my favorite formal furniture would not fit through the door. Sigh. The big screen tv, perfect for that upcoming scrum? FAR too large to fit down the stairs and the opening into the family room below. So it, and the piano are crammed into a room with a teensie sitting sofa from my former sitting room in the front room of the house.

Hire the best movers you can. In my case, this is a shout out to Matt's Moving, they were phenomenal. Actually, let me be more specific: Mike and Jesse were amazing!!! On a day that snowed like hell, roads were icy, furniture didn't fit, I was not really ready at old house, they were the absolute perfect fit for me. They made my move less stressful, more manageable, were precise and careful with my personal items up to and including, the urns that carry the solo cremated remains of my furkids, Tank, Boozer, and Abby. These guys were so polite, so accommodating, I was blown away.

Matt's Moving - use them if you can!

Last, I learned that sometimes home can feel like home even when you don't own it and all the stuff doesn't fit. Last night and today, I feel like I'm home not just occupying space.

I'm home. I start school ASAP.

Make it a great day, smile for someone who can't, and enjoy your life!

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