Friday, February 19, 2010

New University Chemistry Class

Professors are amazingly kind and helpful. There is not a sense of autocracy although one always senses they are completely in command of their classrooms.

One of them has a reputation for being a difficult tester. However, what I've also found is that the professor is approachable, helpful, understanding, substantially patient; explaining concepts and math that are not readily understood, taking a different tact to explain it if first approach does not come easily, changing up format of slide decks for those of us (me!!) who have aging eyes and no longer can read 6 slides per handout in MS PowerPoint, answering questions about different schools, study habit characteristics, and finally, checking in with labs to make sure students are understanding. For someone who has a PhD from an extremely well known, and world respected institution to have that LACK of arrogance, is amazing to me.

The lab professor (not a TA, not an undergrad but a real professor) is absolutely a gem. In keeping with the privacy of individuals on here, all I will say is that anyone who is lucky enough to schedule the lab with this person is lucky.

Last night, lab was scheduled to be out and over with. Some of us were slower than the others, trying to make sure the concept was understood and the math correct. The lab instructor waited, answered questions, laughed with us at our comments, offered up other help, and when WE were done, the individual closed up the lab.

We were not shuffled and scuttled out of the lab only to get a poor grade, the emphasis is on learning the material from the inside out, not just the math.

Yep, I like the new chemistry department and yet, I likewise know, eventually I will have to return to my alma mater for UD credits.

Happily, they will be in other departments and the smile on my face still intact.

Make it a great day!

(oh and lest I forget: Welcome Home, Garret!)

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rhonda said...

I feel like such a slug...i skipped my physical science lab last night. It's such a low level course and yet I skipped it. Bad bad bad.