Friday, March 12, 2010

Inner Geek

There is an online test, for those of you too young to remember, in green screen type.

It is here:

That I took the dumb thing is indicative of my geekiness, that I scored 24.06% to garner a "Geek" tag but just under "Total Geek" tag is confirmation. I know that I am a geek. Guys I have dated have said, "Yep, you're gorgeous, fun, loving, ..." insert the blah blah blah and then I'd never hear from them again.

I think it was my geek factor.

Business types want the proverbial sycophant woman who shuts up, wears Prada, drives like an idiot, perfects her manicures and pedicures, has perfect hair, perfect teeth, and of course, the perfect designer dog.

I'm a geek. I love science, math, and Discovery channel. If the History Channel has something cool on, I'll watch it too. I thought Michael Jackson was awesome before he died and his eccentricities just that, nothing more. While I love and play most sports, I love to be outdoors whether the bugs are out or not, and whether or not the fish bite. I've found that life is too short to worry about my nails being perfect or that my house is not perfectly cleaned for the perfect party with the perfect car and the perfect boyfriend.

I am a geek.

And honestly? As a future physician, wouldn't you rather that your doctor be geeky and into science than into the hair and nails? Wouldn't you rather that your doctor cared more about being up to date on what new medicines are available, or new diagnosis that could help save your life, rather than whether the pedicurist is available today or not? Wouldn't you rather your doctor be well rounded in many things so that you feel comfortable talking about anything with him or her?

I know I would. So... guess I'm still finding that medicine is the fit for me... geek and all.


Sandra said...

I got 45% and am a Super Geek. I was disappointed that I did not get higher but appreciated the bonus points for being a female geek! For many years, I have maintained that being called weird is a compliment. LOL

Josiah O. Morris said...

Haha, I take a certain amount of pride in the fact that I'm almost a whole 6/10 geekier than you. I scored 24.65%.

I've worried about my level of geekiness and what it would mean for my medical career, but once I started shadowing doctors and meeting medical students and residents, I almost felt a great distance between myself and total geekdom. It was one of the most amazing revelations of my life.

Spud said...

You can't have manicured nails if you want to be a surgeon. Infection control will flip if you attempt to scrub in with nail polish. That's what i keep telling myself anyway. Aha.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Not that there is anything wrong WITH having manicured nails, I just seem to find that many women in the sciences do not have the perfect nails, they have the perfect minds :)

K said...

I got 23.66 % !

That was a long test.