Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Ming Vase Story

A precious, gorgeous Ming vase was sitting on the mid-shelf for all to see and admire. The vase was inspiring to all, and everyone who knew about the vase and knew about the preciousness of it, were inspired to find it themselves.

One day, through misunderstanding, someone moved the Ming slightly from the perch and in doing so, left it precariously atop the shelf.

The Ming's shelf was slightly bumped one day, tumbling the vase to the glistening marble floor shattering the vase into a million different shards. Each shard still held the glimmer and the beauty, but the whole vase was destroyed.

As time moved on, the vase was put back together. Never quite the same but still radiating warmth and admiration. Upon closer inspection, someone noticed there was a tiny, minuscule sliver of glass still missing. The shard that would ensure the Ming glimmered and shone like before is still out there, trying to find its way back to the Ming... while the Ming patiently waits.


Slamdunk said...

That must have been devastating. It sounds like something I would do--the clumsy bumping that results in smashing that is.

A Doc 2 Be said...


Anonymous said...

While the vase can indeed be put back together and may still glimmer in the light, once something has been broken it never quite is the same. Sometimes it’s even better.

The vase still radiates beauty but in a much different way. The “repaired” vase is equally beautiful, yet is no longer admired for being flawless as it once. Instead is shows its beauty for being a survivor, with all its pieces meticulously put back together again. It’s stronger than before and has much more character, shining in ways it never knew it could before it was broken. So it is with Ming vases and many other things. You think about that…


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