Friday, March 26, 2010

My Rant Deleted

I'm not prone to outbursts, blame crabbiness, intense stress from court proceedings, and a bunch of emails (healthcare debate does that, apparently), but I deleted my GTFO of the U.S. post.

Many reasons for that primarily: I'm not going to turn my blog about my journey and the bumps, highs and valleys of the pre med journey into a political diatribe on my part. There are enough others out there who thrive on political commentary, I'm not one of them (at least not publicly).



Dalai said...

Gee, I put political rants on my blog all the time. A little venting is good for the soul.

A Doc 2 Be said...

But Dalai, you already have the coveted initials at the end of your name... :D

Did you, by chance, see Happy's blog today!?

Anonymous said...

The Dalai has those coveted "Most Divine" initials after his name. Alas, all I have (so far) is B.S. although those who know me feel it is appropriate...although before he got his M.D. Dalai had a little B.S. too...