Sunday, March 7, 2010

This Morning's Email

What Does Your Dog Say About You?

After I giggled a little thinking she probably thinks I'm too boring, and he probably thinks I don't pet him enough.

The female, Hope, is a golden retriever. If golden's description is supposed to fit the personality of the owner, then so it does.

Golden Retriever – Golden retriever owners are generally laid back good people who love the outdoors. They enjoy spending time with their friends and family and many have jobs where they help people. Most also devote some of their free time to volunteering and frequently donate to various charities. Some can be a little too trusting.

But then there's Storm (Harrel's Stormin Norman actually) who is nothing like his name sake. Often joked at ~ yes, I do believe he understands this ~ he flicks a paw, sneaks a lick here and there, and is generally the naughtiest dog I've ever owned. Housebroken yes! Naughty!??! OMGosh, yes!!!

Great Dane – Owners of Great Danes are good-hearted people with a keen sense of responsibility. They take their life and work seriously and strive to do their very best. They like to keep on top of world events and like to debate important issues with others. They aren't prone to silliness but do enjoy lounging around the house on the weekends. Favorite TV show: 60 Minutes.

So, what does this say about me:

Love the outdoors - check
Love spending time with my family - check
Have a job (or WILL) that helps people - check
Volunteering time - check
A little too trusting - CHECK!!!
Take life/work seriously - check
Lounging around the house on weekends - check

However, not being prone to silliness? I won't publish on here what my son and I have done, said, or gone to that would disprove that point. My favorite TV show was Friends, and I hate debating. Hate it!

Apparently, I'm more like a golden retriever. Guess that client of mine a few years ago was right, if not abrasive and abusive as well.

He told me, "You're like a golden retriever!! I can push you around, stomp on your head and you still won't do anything about it."

Well, that might have been true but I did remind him that I was HIS auditor while smiling ever so... devilishly.

Here's the link if you want to see what your dog says about you. I still think mine say I'm good hearted, love them to pieces, and "Where's the food??"


OMDG said...

Wah! They didn't have pit-bull mutt on the list. :-(

A Doc 2 Be said...

I thought about you when I read that.

Here goes:

Pitbull Mix ~ fun loving, athletic, and bright with a reputation that makes people fear them and yet, they are devoted and loving companions to their families and friends. Favorite TV show? CSI!

Anonymous said...

Fun website! I do *not* like Reno 911 though (refuse to watch TV that may actually make me dumber, no matter how funny). Daisy and I are much more SATC, Grey's, How I Met Your Mother, Friends-y type peoples...

rhonda said...

Super fun! My dog is a lab/golden mix! So I guess I can take both of those and combine them!