Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Not Both!?

Got talking to a chemistry professor yesterday who has been around a few years, seen a few things, trained even more chemists, doctors, and biologists. He started by talking about proposed MCAT changes inferring they are coming sooner rather than later (BE ADVISED: THE MCAT EXAM REVIEW & PROPOSED CHANGES COMES UP IN 2014 - NOT NOW).

Anyway, we started talking about analytical chemistry. My current lecture professor and lab instructor believe I would love the analytical lab. I think I probably would too. The math, the overall picture, the math. Then he asked a few questions:

Why medicine now?

Why not PhD now?

Ending with a:

Why not BOTH now? I was stunned. Did he not see the gray hair in my otherwise brown topped head? Did he not see the crow's feet starting to accentuate my eyes? Did he not see the exasperation in my face as I am just not sure I will get into EITHER program let alone try to get into one?

What he did see was, according to him, is that I'm bright, I like intellectual things, I love to be challenged and pushed intellectually.

I do, however, love working with patients and cannot imagine not having the patient contact the MD brings.

I wish I COULD do both. I just want to be a physician. And if for some chance, my life 20 years ago gets held against me in the app cycle, and that my current 3.8 is not good enough, then I will pursue the PhD.

It was fun to talk to him yesterday. It was fun to think that one day, in my past, I could have really done both. But today, I'm going to be happy with just one. M.D.


Mi said...

Very encouraging!

I have yet to completely understand what the advantages of MD-PhD are versus just MD.

PhD: research and/or academia
MD: clinic, research and/or academia

Do you know?

Old MD Girl said...

Well, it would take care of the debt issue.

Also, I would no longer get to complain about my age. ;-)

Old MD Girl said...

Mi -- There are several advantages. Too many to go into in a single comment.

Slamdunk said...

It is always good to have options--nice that your professor recognizes your potential.

Mi said...

Old MD Girl - Thanks. I will try to convince you to dedicate one post on the answer.