Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wow - Federal Grants

Not what I expected to find when I was clicking through various links on Google results of "financial aid - non traditional students." Bunches of links popped up including the usual Fastweb, et al.

However, I also had a link, pop up box that said "MILLIONS IN GRANT MONEY" for various post high school degree pursuit. I giggled a bit as I clicked on the link fully expecting the money scam operators to pop up as well.

Frankly, those types of links and questions DID appear. I skipped them :D

However, a click on another link brought me to this:


And from there, my interest soared. I know the likelihood of me obtaining a grant from the list is limited, I'm hoping that because of my current job experience, I may have a slightly better shot. That, and one of the grants is for rural family medicine.

Man, one grant would alleviate much of my financial struggle, give me research on my CV, a more in-depth knowledge of rural medicine from various perspectives, and possibly lead to other grants.

Cross your fingers! I wrote the physician I shadow and asked if he'd be willing to be the supervising physician of my work. He is swamped... he has my dad for a patient... he lets me shadow... he encourages... I'm hoping this will be one more item he's willing to help on.

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K said...

Oh wow, that's innovation if I ever saw it. Good job! I hope it works out for you.