Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where Does The Anger Go?

If I ever see something like this. Makes my blood boil, my fingers itch for retribution. A few years ago Toby Keith had a song about the Taliban (I've loaded that below too).

The young woman was sold to another family who abused the life out of her. At 18 or so, she ran away. "Friends" took her in and said they'd keep her safe. These supposed "friends" gave her to the Taliban endorsing, abusive family, whereupon they took her to Taliban court, and judgment was made upon her.

Her nose and ear were cut off as punishment. In any case, it is horrific. In this case, it was done without pain medication.

Here is a link to the story on by CNN correspondent Atia Abawi.

NO religion I know of prescribes to this kind of depravity. None. Not Islam, Hindu, Christian, Jewish ... none.

Physicians treating this poor young woman must have had a hard time containing their anger.

So, how does a doc stop that anger? Where does it go? Running? Tennis? Racquetball? Horses?

Eventually, I'm sure all docs see patients who've been traumatized by someone, or something.

Tonight, I'm just horrified, angered, and sick. Poor young girl.

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