Thursday, May 6, 2010


so very far behind.

Last week my own physician said I needed to slow down, sleep, eat, and relax. Exhaustion. I knew what that meant in my own mind, but not in a clinical manner. My health was failing because of the stress. Emotionally, I was a wreak. The toll of the house, the dog, the car, the son, the job, the grades, the money, the class, the test, the parents, the money owed the parents, the other car, the legal issues, and the other dogs was immense. Imploding.

What helps when days turn into weeks and those turn into two years?

First, a physician who writes a letter excusing me from said exam so I could focus on healing inside, as well as out. My letter said no exam, the professor said take an incomplete. I am.

Second, a blog writer who has a keen sense of making me spew diet coke out my nose at odd times through odd means... If I am admitted to the sacred club, I hope I can be as funny as he.

Third, a good run... pop in some iTunes, some Mellencamp (Authority Song, if you must know), Eagles, and Elton.

I'm behind now two exams (3rd mid-term, and the final which I won't take until June), homework problems that add points to grade, extra credit that adds points to grade, and take-home quizzes, not to mention lab reports. I think with all that turned in, tests done well, I can end up with a solid "A"... I'm hoping so, at least.

Summer is coming. Like Dr. Ella I will be in school whilst my peers are enjoying boat rides on the lake, and bike rides around it.

Oh well. I'm alive. Storm is alive (and eating). Life is good!


rhonda said...

I feel ya on the being in school while others my age are enjoying their boats and vacations. Although I am taking my honeymoon in Mexico! So there is that! We just have to know that our sacrifice now will someday be worth it all.

Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear that Storm is eating!!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Me too!!! Makes my life a lot less stressful - popping Carafate and Pepcid are easy enough, adding cottage cheese to his kibble is excellent!

Rhonda - just CONGRATS!!!