Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Next Steps...

Test looming that I was excused from last week.

House is finally no longer my concern. I can be out whenever but have chosen this weekend to have the final moving sale, and move the rest of my junk. It is weird being there:

I thought I would feel more but I feel nothing. The house is freaking huge. Garret, my son, and I went to get things ready for the moving sale. He and I both laughed later saying the house was ginormous. Kind of brings home that I won't ever need that kind of home again. It never felt like home, despite all the memories I have living there.

The old house smells like my son and I... the new house kind of reeks at times and I can't seem to locate the reason to get rid of it. It also, not sure I mentioned this before, had a 8912849132849" centipede on the wall one night while watching a movie.

Garret killed the ugly thing... I think. We couldn't find the carapace to hoover it.

So, I move onward. Chemistry will be over sometime in June. I'm taking an incomplete given all that transpired during last 3 weeks and finishing up late. Organic will await me this summer unless the contract comes through, in which case I'll take biology.

One step at a time. No need to rush through this. With all that I've been through, dealt with, going to school and just being a student should be a piece of cake.

Looking very much forward to the next step in my journey!


Old MD Girl said...

Do NOT abandon your test prep. Remember AD2B -- EVERY PROBLEM AT LEAST TWICE (unless painfully easy and you get it right the first time).

*~K~* said...

Keep it up! I'll keep you in my prayers. :)