Monday, May 10, 2010

Moving Sale - Tuition

Starting Friday I was in mid-moving sale mode. Twenty years of accumulated crap:

3 mowers
4 weed wackers
2 leaf blowers
2 extra sofas
1 sofa used by dogs in guest house kennel
plant pottery X 100
books, more books, and then books after that (this after I sold 7 cases of books to local reseller)
3 stereo receivers
4 CD players
2 DVD players
1 VHS (hahahaha - do any of you remember those???)
8 mm video camera
golf clubs X 2
3 golf bags
4 oversized suitcases (Tumi, Dakota, Briggs & Riley)
17 purses (Cole Haan, Marc Jacobs, Longchamp, Prada, you get the picture)
you're getting the idea, aren't you...

It was cold the day of the sale. My parents like troopers they are continued to help. I brought an electric heater for the garage so where my mom sat, at least she would be warm.

People came, alright. Nosy neighbors who have no class wanting to know this and that. Nosy neighbors who stood by hoping to hear a tid-bit that would answer their "questions"... one neighbor I have not seen in 5 years stopped by and stood there, watching, listening. One actually asked if I was able to take my dogs with me.

Really? Why wouldn't I? None of them had been told about my situation. Nosy.

One sent their 13 year old daughter up to ask, "So who are our new neighbors going to be?"

Another inquired, "Did you sell it? or are you auctioning it off?"

Nosy, classless.

Finally, the moving sale day ended with a man who said he'd buy out all the remained (7 tables full, and a lawn full of dog kennels, coolers, etc etc etc). Said he'd call me at 8 on Sunday to set arrangements to buy and pick it all up.

He is the local junk guy. He owns an old station that he converts to storage and sales once a month or so. I had no doubts and him buying all the left over crap (ALL of it) was a godsend. So, thinking this was a good thing, no matter how little he offered, I canceled my movers.

He called at 8. I met him at 9. At 9:02 he informed me that after yesterday he had no room in his storage/sale space because he'd gotten the bid on an estate that had been vacant for two years. He was very sorry that he had put me in such a predicament. We talked, I know he had no clue what he'd just done to my day.

Within an hour I had a truck rented, my son awake, my parents enroute.

At 4:30 AM this morning, I was out of my old house.

But that is not really the story of all this. The real story, the real day brightener was another man.

Tom. Tom happened by on moving sale day to buy odds/ends, and talk, and laugh. He was very pleasant. His dad owns the largest Cadillac dealership in the 5 state area. We talked about my old Caddy, we talked about this and that.

Turns out he is a Mason. My dad's a Mason. I'm a Job's Daughter.

He wondered if I needed help with any of the hostas that I was going to splice. They were overgrown and I might as well take some with me. He said he'd come back on Sunday to dig some up.

Tom is friends with the local junk dealer and arrived shortly after 2:30 and asked how it was going. I told him to give his friend some friendly grief. Tom asked what for, I told him.

Tom then stayed until 8:30 last night helping my son and I load the truck, get rid of the old furniture at his family's dealership, took the hazardous paints, etc to the local site, brought his own trailer to haul out the yuckola sofa that the dogs used.

He brought his son for a couple of hours to help load his own truck. He dug up the hostas. He made us all laugh... and honestly, I owe him far more than what he got from me during the sale.

I kept asking him why he was helping me. His response was only that I needed someone to step in and help, that if he were in a similar predicament, or someone else was, that I would do the same.

He is right, of course. It is easy for me to give to others and yet I have a hard time accepting help especially from a complete and total stranger.

My heartfelt thanks to Tom M. of the Cadillac dealership in a northern suburb of Minneapolis.

And as Paul Harvey once said, now you know the rest of the story!!

(P.S. Those nosy, classless neighbors of mine who were so interested in what was happening with my house, my dogs, my family? Not one offered to help. After 10 years. Not one. As Garret and I left the house, we said goodbye to the house that is rapidly decaying and not one tear was shed. Onward, upward!)


Ella said...

Onward, upward :)

Old MD Girl said...

Sad that we can't rely on people in this day and age. How wonderful that you met a kind stranger. Was he single, by any chance?


A Doc 2 Be said...

OMDG, I agree.

He is very happily married :)

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