Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Physicians Leaving Clinics

Rural cities have a hard time finding physicians wanting to practice there, let alone stay for an entire career. One might think large conglomerate health care chains would realize the value these physicians offer to the local patient and the community support that rallies behind these same physicians.

As many of you know, I shadow a rural family physician, or should say, I did. As inkled to me last fall, he was unhappy and so were several of his partners. I *knew* a change was coming and so it did.

He and 4 other physicians, practicing in this very small town along a very scenic riverway, have given their notice they are leaving the clinic. Fed up with the nightmare a behemoth healthcare chain creates, fed up with the mounds of inane paperwork that have nothing to do with treating patients or getting reimbursed from insurance companies, irritated with the bureaucratic monolithic appetite for financial wealth of the conglomerate, they have left.

It has been a hard few weeks for that tiny community ... and for me, as my shadowing opportunity went "poof" ...

Can only imagine what blObamacare will do... but I digress.

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