Sunday, June 27, 2010

As A Matter Of Fact

I have had enough of the "Hope And Change" diatribe spewed forth by the current Obama administration.

I've likewise had enough Bush bashing to last a life time, and I was not a Bush fan. Ever.

Billboard on way to dog show today depicted a man in black tux shredding the United States Constitution with the question, "Had enough Hope and Change Yet?"

Yes, I have. We all have. We all fear what happens when the Blobama Care gets put into place and the physicians are hurt the worst... not the cardio-thoracic, or the ortho, or the onc... the FPs, peds, IMs, EDs... (yes, the rads too).

Enough Hope And Change - give me something I can tangibly hang onto... like money in my pocket and a real job or real money for tuition. I'd take either.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you just revealed a lot about yourself. It's sad really. Not that it would matter to you, but I really have no interest in ever reading your blog again."Blobama Care"? Really how old are you, 10? Rather than just express your disagreement with the current administration's policies like an adult, you stoop to such a childish level of name bashing? "Physicians are hurt the worst." Do you care about the people this health care plan will help? You want money? Serve your country and let's see what happens then, okay? Well, Ms. Wannabe doctor, when you are faced with a patient who has a 50% chance of living or 50% chance of dying, realizing how important a patient's mental state can be in recovery I really hope you don't devalue the notions of "hope" and of "change" and all the good "spewing" them to others can do. A little word of advice, check your politics at the door if you ever go on to med school, or at the very least, learn to convey your opinions in an age appropriate and civil manner. -Yours, a former reader of your blog