Saturday, June 26, 2010

ED - Noticeable Items (No, Not Male Related)

So, a visit to the local emergency department for me tonight... yes, let us recap this past week:

1) Dutch bloat, euthanized at age 11.5
2) Rear ended on Thursday headed to contract job
3) Got miffed, disgruntled, confused with ... how to define him ...
4) Woke up with headaches and dizziness on Friday
5) Double vision tonight... visit to ED

While waiting upon the nicely layered gurney, looking up I found pretty pictures.

Going to CT, there were more pretty pictures of scenic landscapes (of course, still in double).

While in the CT, I kept my eyes closed - man, I hate those things!!! Some of you rad guys must just LOVE torturing unsuspecting fools like me :P

So, good news is that there are no tumors, bleeding on the brain, and there appears to be a functioning cerebellum x2, and everything appeared normal.

Bad news?

Still have a freaking headache, my vision still is hazy, and it's hot in the house.

Make it a great night! I'm headed to...

a movie.

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