Thursday, June 3, 2010

S^!T, I Panicked


Hands cold? Check.

Mind blank? Check.



SINA said...

:) great blog ... have a look at my blog in you bludging time :D .. it'll be great to see you there :)

Old MD Girl said...

Maybe it wasn't panic, but you just didn't know the material well enough. Or perhaps the panic was induced by not really knowing the material. You said yourself you barely studied.....

Not to be a b****, just saying.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I hear what you are saying, OMDG, but an hour before the exam I was redoing problems from the book without an issue, explaining it to other students who have already finished the class but were helping me prep.

Saw almost the exact problems on the exam and froze.

Even after the exam, I was talking to my professor, telling him I didn't know what happened. He asked me to explain on how to solve to him, and I did. Even he said, I knew how to solve them and asked if talking my way through the problems helped. If so, maybe I should do the exam on the whiteboard.

Anyway, the disability to test taking has been diagnosed and documented, which is why I get extra time, and a very quiet, private room in which to take them.

Just keep hoping I'll turn the corner and not need accommodations.

Old MD Girl said...

Nothing to do but study your butt off I guess. Sorry the test didn't go as well as you hoped.