Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The military is full, over flowing with people according to the Air Force, Marines, and Navy. They have 6000 too many officers in the AF, did not ask Marines and Navy BUT all three said they were looking to eliminate those jobs and the cadets that were brought into the AF Academy to be officers? Those hand selected to be amongst the very best and brightest?

Yeah, they have to wait another year to get officership spots.


Son did not sign.

Son is not going into the military.

Son is getting firm end of my finely toed flip-flop up his nether region where upon Dr. Dalai can do a CT scan of his anus and indeed find, said flip flop.

Sigh. Back to drawing board to help my son get motivated.


Old MD Girl said...

Wow. The economy must be worse off than I thought.

A Doc 2 Be said...

That is kind of my thinking - the military was counting on several people leaving, but with the economy sucking so badly the Pacific has gone dry, people stayed put in the military because at least, it is a job that pays.