Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reading Ped Onc Posts

Puts that fire back in the belly... not that I needed it, the desire to be a doc is not cease and desisted.

I look at my boxes that contain the Beanie Baby stuffies depicting diseases for pediatric patients. I wonder if they could create one called, "Hope" another called, "Grace" and a third, "Love" for the patient, parents/family, and everyone who enfolds a family and supports them through a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

Pediatric oncology doctors are an interesting bunch. I shadowed a few a long time ago while in high school, and then again last year. Someone once asked me why I would choose such a tragic specialty and all I could think was, "What is so tragic about it?" Understand, I do realize many children with an undesirable diagnosis do not survive to 80. But with the diagnosis and treatment of well intentioned, trained, and talented physicians, the likelihood does increase.

So, like the old story about the child tossing starfish back into the sea, I'd love to be able to save "that one" and "this one" and the "one over there"...

I'm continuing to research other funding ops for school and chase more lucrative contracts. Stories of patients makes me try even harder :)

Make it a great day! Celebrate the blessings in your life.

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