Friday, July 23, 2010

Sometimes, I Do Believe

people are put into my life for a purpose and that I'm to learn something from them.

Take last semester's lab instructor. I know she doesn't read this very much, if at all, so I'm plowing forth.

Coming from a foreign country where English is taught but I would suspect back in her youth not well received, she arrived in the metro area with a master's degree in chemistry and an ability to teach. Her ability to teach in the lab is well known and everyone who tries even partially, learns an enormous amount.

If her students do not understand the material, she will try to rework a solution to explain better. If her students do not appropriately handle lab materials, she will instruct them to do otherwise without embarassing and without harsh words.

What I also learned from her was patience. My God, this woman had to be patient with me. The fuzzy whirring noise inside my head from the ADHD overload and all the issues I like to research - ALS, PD, Neuro - often stopped me cold from finishing tasks. Toss in my life - and no, dear reader, there is NOTHING like being tossed out of your executive home and shoved into a Flintstonian cave with tiny windows and tinier window coverings replete with red, make that RED, spiders and centipedes - and the dog knocking on death's door, my mom's surgeries, my dad's hospitalization, my son's off-going issues, my work was always complete, just never on time... she was patient, she understood.

And tomorrow, this woman whom I admire so greatly, is going to an opera with me. I cannot wait. She forgives my eraticness and will enjoy a performance art that few others fully appreciate.

I did pass gen chem II. I am not sure the grade, I do not know if I care. But I do care that I met a new friend, and compadre in arts-arms, so to speak... almost as if she were placed in my life not only to teach, but to be a friend. I'm blessed :)

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