Thursday, August 5, 2010

Endoscopy - Yuck?

Mom's recovery is not going very well. She ended up in the emergency room yet again with sharp pains, sick/quesy feeling, and exhausted.

The endoscopic exam is this morning and my hope is that they find nothing wrong. The larger fear, however, is that there are more stones that were missed during initial surgery.

Patient care starts with the surgery but has to include the follow-up care as well.

With her knee replacement the surgeon never saw her again, never placed rehab on her charts, and never requested follow up visits. Maybe that's how it is in small rural clinics but something tells me, I'd rather keep track of my patients and how their recovery after surgery is tracking. Otherwise, why not just practice in large metro where a patient is a number and as long as the bill gets paid, no one really cares?

I know - that's a harsh statement about metro clinics. Metro clinics offer features the rural clinics cannot, namely more technology to make quicker and more accurate diagnoses, more personnel with whom to discuss patient issues and diagnoses, better ability to refer more often than not

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