Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great Danes

Gotta love 'em. Gigantic, goofy, stumbling puppies that lick, and bite, and sniff...

I look at a show pup today, hoping for that elusive new job to come about... which I've probably failed to post anything about on here.

Large, global consulting company came calling to have me interview face to face this coming week but have not had that confirmed yet :( Would be awesome and settle a lot of questions in my mind... like, a new great dane puppy.

The puppy was adorable, as all great dane puppies are. However, I want a female dane show pup more than a male... something about having had the most obnoxious, terrorizing, male dane pup 8 years ago when Storm was a tiny bundle of love... and teeth... and paws.

Storm grew into a very well behaved dog, one that garners attention everywhere he goes. People flock to see the awesome fawn boy at my hand, and he is generally off-leash. One murmured "ack" and he immediately corrects himself, looks to me for guidance, and is unshakable. It took years to get him to this point. Not months, but years.

Male great danes, intact, are not for the feint of heart nor for the newly crowned dane owner. With their size, strength, mentality and late blooming teenage years, a male great dane can be difficult to handle... and despite my years upon years of handling danes, I am not up for another intact male.

So, I'll wait for the right female to come along. One that I can call Grace... who will live with Hope, and my beloved Storm.

C'mon consulting company, firm up my dates. I have a dane puppy awaiting me!!! :D

Make it a great dane... oops, I mean great day!

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Slamdunk said...

I hope you get your dog--and your call too of course.