Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today is...

my 46th birthday. That sounds really old. I even got a membership to AARP. That makes me feel really old.


Make yours a great day and I shall try to salvage something from today :)


Started off the day with an email from very handsome boyfriend cruising around the Mediterranean with his teenager. Pretty excited to open it only to read, "Have a nice day." Sure, there was a little more to it than that but obviously, handsome man on big boat in Italy forgot something. The day his lovely was born!

I was hurt. Really hurt. I don't expect much, perhaps that is why I don't get much either but a simple, "Happy Birthday" at the end of that email would have done wonders. Put a smile on my face, a skip in my step, started my day off on right (or left) foot.

I dunno. Anything? Something?

By noon, I realized he'd completely forgotten. My hurt was deepening. Seriously, this is the man I'm planning a myriad of events for, spending whatever spare time either of us has, and he forgets?

By three, I'd returned my new dress for the celebration this weekend and was thinking of the way I could extricate myself from the relationship. There have been other tiny red flags but this was putting the nail in the coffin. Can we say I was pouting?!?!?

About 3:15 my phone lights up, it is none other than Sir Hawtsalot (you cannot take that name for your own beau, it's alllllll mine). He apologized profusely. And then made my day.

NOT by wishing me a Happy Birthday, NOT by saying he was profusely sorry, NOT by saying he'd make it up to me.

Sir Hawtsalot made my day by telling me the truth and by telling me this:

My son, who has never met this man or even talked to him, saw the hurt on my face and reached out to Sir H letting him know that I was a year older.

It was my son with a not-so-gentle reminder that today is my birthday and Sir Hawtsalot would be well advised to email or call.

THAT made my day. I'm blessed. With both of those men in my life... I adore them both!


Unknown said...

Happy birthday!!!!

OMDG said...

Happy Birthday!

PACSman said...

You can't use your membership til you hit 50....and I would know since I'm 29 with 36 years experience....give or take..

Have a great day and know lots out there are wishing you well!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!

Cyaeg said...

Smart move on behalf of son and the Sir :_)

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you all!!

It was a great day. With a single gesture my son made my whole day... brighter, happier, sweeter.

Blessed. Sir Hawtsalot just topped it off!

gone said...

Happy birthday in 2011!

You had no posting yet for 08/17/2011 so I am posting into last year and the good wishes will get back to your future birthday which is today!

Chuck :)